This macro provides an extension to the Qt Property System. It's purpose is to set default values for each property in an object. Every call to BR_PROPERTY should have a corresponding call to Q_PROPERTY.

  • macro definition:

  • parameters:

    Parameter Description
    TYPE The type of the property (int, float etc.)
    NAME The name of the property
    DEFAULT The default value of the property
  • example:

    class ExampleTransform : public Transform
        Q_PROPERTY(int property1 READ get_property1 WRITE set_property1 RESET reset_property1 STORED false)
        Q_PROPERTY(float property2 READ get_property2 WRITE set_property2 RESET reset_property2 STORED false)
        Q_PROPERTY(QString property3 READ get_property3 WRITE set_property3 RESET reset_property3 STORED false)
        BR_PROPERTY(int, property1, 1) // sets default value of "property1" to 1
        BR_PROPERTY(float, property2, 2.5) // sets default value of "property2" to 2.5
        BR_PROPERTY(QString, property3, "Value") // sets default value of "property3" to "Value"