Inherits Object

Plugin base class for storing a list of enrolled templates.


A gallery is a file representing a TemplateList serialized to disk. File::suffix is used to determine which plugin should handle the gallery. The currently supported extensions are

  • xml
  • avi
  • wmv
  • mp4
  • webcam
  • vbb (OpenCV format)
  • txt
  • turk
  • template
  • stat
  • seq
  • post
  • mem (NOTE: Mem galleries live only in RAM; they should be used for caching and not for normal I/O)
  • matrix
  • landmarks
  • google
  • flat
  • FDDB
  • db
  • csv
  • crawl
  • gal
  • ut
  • url
  • json
  • arff

Many of these extensions are unique to OpenBR. Please look at the relevant Gallery plugin for information on formatting and other concerns.