Template read()

This is a pure virtual function. Read a template from disk at file.

  • function definition:

    virtual Template read() const = 0
  • parameters: NONE

  • output: (Template) Returns a template loaded from disk
  • example:
    Format *format = Factory::make<Format>("picture.jpg")
    format->read(); // returns a template loaded from "picture.jpg"

void write(const Template &t)

This is a pure virtual function. Write a provide template to disk at file

  • function definition:

    virtual void write(const Template &t) const = 0
  • parameters:

    Parameter Type Description
    t const Template & Template to write to disk
  • output: (void)

  • example:
    Format *format = Factory::make<Format>("new_pic_location.jpg");
    Template t("picture.jpg");
    format->write(t); // write t to "new_pic_location"